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Pressures and Responses

This section provides examples of pressures that are, or may be, impacting our land, how we are responding to address these issues, and what opportunities there are for environmental improvement. It should be noted that many of the pressures, impacts and responses are interlinked.

Our land is subject to several pressures that can impact the important services that our land provides, including:

  • climate change, including bushfires, drought and heat, floods, wind and other extreme weather events
  • pollutants that are emitted from a number of sources. These may include pesticides and herbicides that can impact non-target organisms, nutrients, industrial chemicals, light pollution and antimicrobials
  • land use and habitat modification that can occur with agriculture, mining and quarries, gas and petroleum, cropping, renewables, recreation and urban development. This can result in land use conflicts, destruction and fragmentation of habitats, native vegetation clearance, decreased pollination and displacement of species
  • pest species and diseases that predate and/or compete with native flora and fauna.

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